Located on the banks of the Sûre river, Steinheim is between Echternach and Rosport (known for its dam and its two castles).

The village, surrounded by luxurious vegetation, is also home to a baroque church in which we can admire the magnificent frescos by Igniatus Millim (1743-1820) and the baroque altar in Luxembourg sandstone.


Echternach has a special status when it comes to defining the historical and cultural identity of Luxembourg.

It is true that the medieval city has a prestigious heritage.It is the location of a former Benedictine abbey surrounded by a baroque park, the Saint-Willibrord basilica, the town hall dating from the 15th century and, on its outskirts, the ruins of a large period villa.Echternach is also known worldwide for its famous “dancing procession” which attracts thousands of pilgrims, on Tuesday, 2.6.2020.

The abbey city also inspires us to explore its natural heritage, with magnificent walks in the wooded valleys of the Sûre river and watersports on the nearby lake.